Employer Branding? What’s it to you as a CEO?

I certainly hope it’s an awful lot! I may not be the first one to break it to you but I took the time out of my (and your!) schedule to remind you of how important your Employer Brand should be to you. Not to your Marketing Peeps, not to your HR department but to you! As a leader you should be in control of your Employer Brand at any given time. Who are the people in your company working for? And do they know that? Can you afford to not know the answer to these questions?

Your brand, your call

It’s actually not worth being particularly hesitant or even inhibited about – whether you’re a “digital native” or far from it. It’s pretty easy: people want to know who they will work for and why they should. And digital media gives you top-notch tools to show what your vision is and what your company stands for. If you don’t do it, people will do it. Employer brand is talent brand. And if you take part in the conversation, it’s much easier to attract and to steer the stories about your company in the way that you like. It’s largely your call and being in control is something every CEO feels quite comfortable with.

Transparency goes both ways

And don’t be afraid about to show too much of your company. It’s much more likely you’ll be showing too little. It’s not about revealing secrets and giving way to industry spies, it’s about being authentic and communicating a story of what your company is and what it’s like to work there. Yes, it’s about transparency but it’s always a two-way street. Meaning, if you put yourself out there and are seen, you can also use the same tools to see who is talking to you. Who you’re dealing with. What your audience looks like and what that means to you. That’s a very essential asset to take back and draw conclusions from.

Reputation and strategic development

Because Employer Branding is about strategic development and strategic business decisions that are aimed at making your company grow and earning your company money. It’s widely known that employee satisfaction and talent attraction are key factors in business success. High staff turnarounds are not a trait of the competitor that succeeds in the market. Even more so, if you need specialized talent and are not able to make them come to you. They are much more likely to consider a company with a good reputation and that reputation needs to be at the top of your list. As a CEO.

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