Let’s talk about it – Building up GenSearch in Germany

As an executive search consultancy with a global reach and solely dedicated to the life sciences sector GenSearch has always had the ambition to expand the framework, blow the boundaries, and approach the right candidate for the job wherever he/she might be. There’s a reality behind that thinking: ¼ of GenSearch’s assignments concern positions with a global reach, and ⅓ of the candidates contacted live in a different country. Reason enough to expand and establish GenSearch Germany in one of the most exciting markets for Life Science talent.

Starting from Scratch in Social Media

Besides the day-to-day business activities there was the idea of Social Media. But in the beginning there is usually just a blank paper that needs to be filled. Our way to build up our German presence was to – quite simply – just start talking about it. We established multiple channels on Social Media sites and formats that would speak to a relevant audience. Forming a brand voice by publishing our insights on LinkedIn Pulse and sharing and curating important content by others. That way we gave personal and company pages on LinkedIn, Xing and Twitter a specific voice that was recognizable and related to our services. In addition to that we started a newsletter, an interview format and a content hub for all our articles for people to come back to and remember us by.

Tell the stories – while they’re still hot

Social Media also gave us an incredibly rich opportunity to engage in conversations around the “hot topics” in the industry. It was a research tool, an engagement tool and a tool to give us invaluable insights into how the industry and our target group think, act and network. Not to forget: we learned about stories that instantly captured people, about developments that were on the spot and just the newest trends and conversations that were relevant for our audience. Stories we could take our own twist on and give away some of our knowledge.

What goes around comes around

But we didn’t just act on the digital scene. Our very own first “offline” event was a success and we brought some of our digital conversations into the real world! Apart from that of course we participate in all kinds of industry events to network and get the finger on the pulse of the industry. It really proved to be incredibly valuable to network in all kinds of environments and fields and by that, not only be able to tell stories on Social Media about it, but also to create real business opportunities.

Time to expand even further!

All these efforts and many more in quite a short period of time have brought us into the favorable position of being able to expand our team even further. We’re looking for a new “breed” of colleagues who share the same ideas of what values a partnership should have - like the will to succeed, being open for different mindsets, the wish to unfold full capacity in an equal team, just to name a few. As we’re expanding our team, we’re looking for Managing Directors, Client Managers, Consultants or Recruiters. So if you are in the Life Science Industries in one of these positions and feel the need for a change into a new “breed” – we would be very happy to get to know you (Stephan.breitfeld (at) gensearch-consulting.com).

The next opportunity to meet us is at the BIO EUROPE from 7 to 9 of November in Cologne and if you are interested in working with us in any of the positions above this is the chance to speak to us and seal the deal. Get in touch!

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