Collaboration in Life Sciences – the new way of selling?

One of the reasons why it’s so exciting for us to work in Life Sciences is the fact that the industry is constantly in motion and exciting developments constantly create opportunities – not only for us. With the rise of new technologies, a growing interest in big data and personalized medicine as well as the fusion of whole industries into biotech-, medtech-, health-IT-, cellular engineering-products (and the like) a whole new setup for collaboration has been established. We decided to take a closer look at sales in general in this new setup.

Complex products need deeper relationships

Selling is commonly connected with a pitch and a presentation that lead to a new customer. The more complex a product is, the more knowledge it requires beforehand, which can make the selling process significantly more difficult. When you turn a pitch into a conversation you instantly deepen your potential customer’s understanding of the product and make him a (even if it’s more of a psychological) partner. You also deepen your own understanding of your product and it’s applicability to different needs and situations.

Take the creepy out of the selling

Collaboration as a form of working together usually means there’s a certain level of common interest. That’s a very good starting point to sell. Because instead of convincing someone that they need your product – which often has that uncomfortable taste of being pushed into something – you can start at helping them to get where they want (which just so happens to be where you want to go as well). It makes both selling less forced upon and more efficient because you’ll end up with a more convinced customer.

Collaboration means deeper access

Life Sciences have recently seen a tendency towards partnerships and outsourcing, bringing more stakeholders to the table. In order to align the selling processes to these structures you need to take into account, that bringing buyer and seller closer together can actually be highly successful. On top of that you can yourself get a much deeper access to expertise, infrastructure and knowledge that you don’t have yourself. Making it a win-win.

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