What a happy candidate is worth

As a headhunter you always work as a middleman between two sides that don’t need to start out with having all too much in common. Especially in high-level positions it’s a delicate and sometimes lengthy process to find the right person for the job. It requires a great deal of consideration and also trust. From both sides. Obviously the “customer” that pays for the service of executive search is the one to satisfy but in the end the search is only entirely successful when both sides are happy. This is why we put particular emphasis on very positive candidate feedback – to mark quality. Let me tell you why that is.

Candidates are future assets

Not only for us but also for the company the candidate has potential to stick around for a long time. With a good fit to the right position the candidate could potentially alter the company’s future, secure its innovation level and future perspectives and be a great future customer for us. This shows that although the executive search process seems to kind of evolve around the candidate, the candidate is really at the heart of the process. No good candidate, no good job.

Trust is the key to success

In such delicate processes as executive search the procedures are never really mapped out beforehand. This means that every search is different and needs to be tackled individually. This can go as far as rethinking the approach or even the job profile along the way. In order to successfully complete the search process, a certain amount of feedback (giving and taking) is necessary and the more trustful the relationship is the better these feedback cycles work. The client needs to trust the headhunter’s ability just like the candidate does. Remember: it can take quite some time that you need to work together.

Healthy networks are good for business

To start a search “from scratch” is never really a good idea. Clients go to headhunters because they want something more than a job ad and a keyword search on LinkedIN. They need their headhunters to have a great network and dive right into it. These kind of networks largely grow from good client AND candidate relationships. Candidates remember good headhunters and help grow a healthy network. That’s why really value great candidate feedback. Because it really pays off for us.

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