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The way I’m dealing with clients during search processes is very much influenced by consulting-oriented interactive, individual and solution-based processes. This immediately has a lot in common with a lot of coaching approaches. Reason enough for me to dive further into consulting and monitoring these processes in a professional context. My interaction with customers is essentially a cooperation of experts that needs to be handled with care and a solid background.

The Kieler consulting model

A way to look at and handle the resources and solution-oriented competencies of the client is through the Kieler consulting model, which I have had a deeper look at recently (more). It makes a lot of valid points on how to develop individual and appropriate solutions in accordance with the system together with the client.

What I like about the Kieler consulting model is how it focuses on optimizing the (inner) skills and resources of individuals and teams, making it rather result- and solution-oriented and positively focused on the individual instead of focusing on problems or pointing out deficits.

Systematic work rather than isolated actions

A lot of the consulting work I do on a daily basis in my job is related to relationships between people and the dynamics of companies in fast changing industries. That alone gives plenty of reason to use coaching methods like the Kieler consulting model. When markets and companies change dramatically, are strategically reoriented or restructured, in case of mergers or acquisitions, strategic partnerships, industry fusion – you name it – coaching creates personal support and the freedom to reflect on the day-to-day business and gives impulses for the strategic management of the challenges.

It is not only structures and work processes that are changing drastically. At all levels of the company, a new basic mental orientation, a new culture with a corresponding attitude must be created as a permanent basis for the changed behavior. Systemic approaches are part of modern human resources development and provide possibilities for the individual optimization of competencies.

Technical aspects

The Kieler consulting model is an interaction of experts with the clients in their working environment. Consultants work out solutions and reflections together with the client and create a positive "disturbance" of people and company systems to stimulate and give impulses. The customer's interest is at the center of the consultation: the issue, the assignment, the criteria and the evaluation are worked out together.

Essential is the human image and the basic attitude with which methods of different origins are applied. The Kieler consulting model provides specific questioning techniques and interventions and is helping the client with supporting counseling phases to build resilience. Essential aspects are cooperation, reflection, making public and respecting the uniqueness and originality of the other (by what and how it is) as the foundation of every relationship.


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