Medtechs big challenge in recruiting

The great demand for medtech products and the growth of the industry is good news! As with every boom, however, this development goes hand in hand with a great need for qualified and motivated specialists who can meet the constantly growing demand. In the nature of medtech, the interdisciplinary and cross-functional way of working is inherent and that also means that the requirements and position profiles have an extraordinary range.

Thinking cross-functional

Therefore, when looking for the best talent and the right managers for medtech companies, it is essential to choose a cross-functional approach and also to focus on cross-functional thinking. A promising approach has proven, for example, to look for such candidates in industries who have suitable functions and who have the right school of thought. It is often more important to be able to think about complex topics and processes than to be familiar with them.

Recruiting in the medtech industry is closely linked to vertical thinking, adaptability and methodology, and candidates with these skills theoretically exist in a number of industries. You just have to find them. Paradoxically, the high personnel requirements in medtech is a not inconsiderable problem in the industry, because companies often need the personnel quickly. Therefore, it is usually not possible to train the internal HR structures beyond your own industry and thus to meet the constantly changing and demanding needs. Established expertise from the outside must help and prepare and assess the recruiting topics with the experience from a wide variety of projects. Ideally, this creates fruitful synergies to master the great challenge of medtech recruiting.

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