Take a closer look: outplacement and career transition

I know, outplacement sounds a little rough and it has a bit of a bad reputation in relations to layoffs. And by the way don’t let it fool you: it’s the same with all new word creations like Newplacement, Inplacement, Inverse Headhunting, etc. But I think it’s not only one of the big pandemic topics but it also deserves a second look at its potential. We all know, times are rapidly changing (bla bla) but disruptive job markets will continue to see big shifts in employment and massive sudden demands and equally sudden unemployment. Time to have a look at how outplacement helps navigate career changes from various sides.

Perks for the employee

Outplacement can be a big help for employees who get laid off because it provides a perspective and services that help them find a new position faster. That way the layoff immediately shifts direction from a passive into an active matter. Plus there are valuable assets made available to a parting employee that can make him/her more knowledgeable and less likely to look back in anger. Structures and skills are offered at usually no cost to the employee and they can last quite a while.

Career transition in a changing world means a lot of change! You don’t even need to be that old to be slightly smothered by the amount of change being thrown at you. Outplacement can be invaluable in offering a framework for a future-proof next move. Coaching, digital tools, a proper CV, you name it.

Perks for the employer

Not only employees benefit from it but also the employer can see increase in employee trust and an overall improvement for their employer branding. Outplacement services show they care and prioritize smooth transitions and positive parting processes. It can save them bitter and costly labor disputes. Outplacement usually speeds up the process of changing jobs, making periods of continued payments shorter and limiting the time of job market absence.

Not to forget: even if your company is in trouble and deals with bigger layoffs outplacement significantly reduces the fear in the remaining staff to “be next” and even if they would be – they’d be taken care of. Even when they leave they are still much more likely to stay loyal to your brand and talk you up to the outside. It’s an important factor to think of in regard to your company culture and it’s the only separation benefit with a significant ongoing human component.

Synergies and network strength

Outplacement services also emphasize the importance of good career networks. It can help employees change industries, which nowadays becomes more and more common and necessary. It helps navigate how these different demands can even be recognized. As an executive search consultant I’ve made very good experiences with people with the right mindset from a different industry being just the perfect fit. Especially for industries that merge or change quickly. It can be a brilliant synergy that’s just invisible to the naked eye. But not to the right network!

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts! What’s your take on the topic?

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